draing of a student project

Collaboration with Students

The students who work with us at CTLT are amazing! They willingly jump into the deep end with us on projects with impossible timelines and high expectations and they consistently finish strong! Here are a few recent examples:

  • Rie Namba (recent Fine Arts grad but still with us as a student employee temporarily) has been working on a mock-up for a “learning wrapper” of sorts to accompany video resources. The design was inspired by http://ed.ted.com/ and is to be used in our WordPress CMS. She’ll be working on short codes and documentation to make it relatively painless to implement. We’ll be using the http://digitaltattoo.ubc.ca/ as a test best for some features using this approach.
  • Kim Kao (Arts -Psychology student) has been working with me on the design of some wiki based resources to support DIY video development – a strong component in many of the Flexible Learning projects currently on the slate for development at the university. The challenge was to use a show – then tell approach but keep the interface as uncluttered as possible (accordians came in handy). The first out of the gate is the DIY Screencast resource authored in the UBCwiki and published out through the Flipped Lab resource site thanks to collaboration with my colleague Lucas Wright.
  • Ronald Ho (Science student), working with my colleague Zack Lee, jumped in to create his first ever video by helping us to create an overview for faculty about the process of making a video. It’s meant to be an introduction but is currently being used to support the application process for new MOOCS (Faculty will need to make a 90 second promo video to accompany their application.

Why do I love collaborating with students so much? Maybe it’s that they are still so curious – both about their own capacities and skills as well as challenges we give them. And their spirits haven’t yet been worn down by the requirements, policies and sensitivities that can (on occasion) settle around our “employee’ minds like a grey cloud, sucking out every last creative synapse…(but no matter). Thankfully, the energy I get from my collaborations with these exceptional people (and amazing colleagues) is my cloud buster!


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