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Image of website elements

a graph of potentially coherent 2 made at: websitesasgraphs

Recently, my colleague Zack Lee and I have been collaborating on a couple of website design projects. These are design by committee projects and (since we work with such engaged and smart people) it is not nearly as painful as it sounds.

A couple of strategies that have worked well so far:

  • consider the motivations of your prospective users – identify as many questions as you can like “what is this about”, “where can I get help?”, etc. etc.
  • cluster motivations until you come up with some themes – which may end up as your main content areas.
  • get clear about what you are offering – services,programs, etc.
  • lead with examples – always helpful to give people a gist of what your site is about.

And, find some inspiration. Here are a few sites you might find inspiring for different reasons:

Sosweet Creative: Simple, clear, aesthetically pleasing design around a theme.

This Changed My Practice: Great example of collaborative content creation – examples up front and an innovative approach to gage impact (using polls).

Mind check: Just a cool, novel approach to navigation.

A List Apart: nothing new here – just a great site with engaging posts about design (if you like to read).


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