Resource Management Framework

or small pieces thoughtfully joined.  Whether you choose an open resource management framework (like the one my colleagues Novak, Brian and I described at ETUG 2010) or a closed CMS, you’ll likely want to consider workflow – how to author and update in one place and syndicate to many, how to aggregate and join small pieces together to make a coherent whole – depending on your needs and context and how to do all of this on a shoestring budget.  We talked about WordPressMU and Mediawiki as the platforms – joined together (thoughtfully) by the small pieces.

For us, the small pieces consist of:

  • namespaces
  • subpages
  • dynamic page lists
  • embed code

Our wiki page gives the gist of the presentation: Resource Management Framework

And (for a few not so subtle collage references) you can check out these slides on Slideshare

Recently, I’ve put together some supporting screencasts on Screenr  (specific to a recent project using namespaces). You can get a sense of the project shaping up on UBCWiki Learning Commons namespace.


  • there was much interest among the participants in our ETUG session for this approach to content management – bottom line though is openness.  The more protections and locks on content editing you want in place – the higher the cost in making this work. The discussion about open content editing is a thorny one.
  • we are still arguing about the cost of maintaining namespaces subpages (which are sometimes locked for editing among a small group of users)
  • we have some partners in the Library and Faculty of Arts who are trying out this approach in the context of some of their resource development projects.  It will be very interesting to see how these projects unfold over the coming months and what sorts of issues crop up.
  • policies around wiki use (page creation, deletion, etc) needs attention and (ultimately) user contribution to make this work. Some recent issues have brought this to a head.

So, lots of work in progress on this front. Glad to be a part of it!

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