Mapping Continued

Here are a few observations and updated resources from a recent workshop I delivered on mindmaps and concept maps. The goal was to have people try out the process (on paper), consider advantages/disadvantages of online formats and experiment with a few online tools.

Workshop outline (using Novamind) – (which is a good personal tool, less good as presentation tool):

Supporting wiki resource: Mind Mapping Resources (in progress).

Handout (some people love this stuff):

What I learned:

  • faculty not so keen on free form experimentation with tools  (this needed more structure maybe?)
  • best to stick to demo of one tool in depth when time is short – I tired to show 3 for different purposes – think it was too much
  • would have been better to have faculty who use a mapping tool co-present.
  • some people like to know exactly how it applies to their context – not sure how to deal with this – sometimes need to let people sit with their questions for a while?

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