Desperately Seeking Solitude

You cannot hear God when people are chattering at you.



Somehow this passage hit home for me as I read The End of Solitude by William Deresiewicz in a recent edition of the Chonicle Review.   Lately, I’ve experienced a sort of yearning to be alone, with my own thoughts, without interruption or interference, to go on a long walk in the mountains or though the winter gardens in my neighborhood. The interferences keeping me from that are making me sad. What’s weird is that I began to think the universe was speaking to me in some kind of cosmic act of serendipity – given that I had just been transported while reading Greg Delanty’s translation of an old poem by George of Corkus Dropping Names .

So, I’m pondering:

  • what if solitude disappears as a social value – or has it already?
  • are we losing our capacity to be alone?
  • if we can’t be in solitude – how will we really learn to appreciate the natural world?
  • isn’t solitude just as important to learning as connection? and why don’t we talk about that anymore?
Alone, but not lonely
Image by wanderinghome via Flickr


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