Digital Tattoo: What’s Yours?

UBC's Digital Tattoo Project


Digital Tattoo: What’s Yours? I’m really happy to say that I had a hand in the learning design for this project and it’s near completion now.  It’s a self-guided tutorial, built in WordPress with a focus on digital literacy (at least a beginning).  And the work of the students on this project was nothing short of amazing – especially considering they came in pretty new to the whole concept of digital literacy!

A bog shout out to: Seth Tee (design work and WP “tweaker”), Andre Malan, Liana Popa and Elizabeth Walker (content authors) and colleague Sheryl Adam (UBC Librarian, project lead and an awesome guide).  Thanks to Novak Rogic (web visionary), Brian Lamb (for spreading the word), Margot Bell (student supporter extraordinaire) and our whole project team (C.J., Carol and company) for providing the bones to this piece and the sharp eye to the details (thanks Ramona)!

If you’re interested in the learning design piece, here are the broad strokes:

  • various pathways to get started with the tutorial: based on current behavior (self assessment); following the design of the site OR clicking on a topic of interest.
  • each topic uses guiding questions, case study (or videoclip), key considerations and self assessment questions
  • progress through the tutorial is tracked as self assessment questions are completed.
  • polls are related to each topic and are included for fun and to offer a low stakes way to participate

So, please, have a look…leave your comments, share a useful link….

all for now


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