Fellini’s wind

Peace Garden in Petrabilli - Italy

Peace Garden in Petrabilli - Italy

Italian artists seem to understand and embrace the living spirit, emotion and feeling in a way that seems otherworldly and completely awe-inspiring. You can see it in the carved eyes of the marble lions just as clearly as in the paintings and frescoes of some of the great masters.  Italy inspired me in many ways, but there was something about the sound of the wind in the grass around the hilltop “castle” of Petrella Guidi that sent a shiver through my soul.  I understood in an instant why Fellini was inspired by the place.  I recalled the sound of the wind in various scenes in his films – it was exactly as I experienced it that day on the hilltop – purposeful, stirring and strong.

I got curious about his collaborator Nino Rota, who created the musical score for his movies. Poking around the web, I came across this review in Cadrage, describing a film I hadn’t seen or even heard about called Orchestra Rehearsal.  I plan to hunt a copy down this week end. And, thanks to the author for the quotes from Fellini – I found this one particularly inspiring, given the global hysteria around the crumbling financial markets:

All the horrible events we are living are not politics, but confusions, disasters and deeper rifts. I don’t know what can be done to change society, what I want to show is always directed at the individual. Then, instead of exchanging pieces of political information, let’s share the information of our unconscious. The film [Orchestra Rehearsal] talks about the consequences of that “super-consciousness” which is politics, instead of taking care of our own unconscious.

Inspiration is a critical component of learning for me. It evokes feeling and makes me care. A few reflections on what inspires me lately:

  • a really great rock – one with history and a sense of place ( I brought one home from Petrella Guidi).
  • A good argument/discussion
  • An unanswerable question – I appreciate Fellini’s suspended conclusions
  • An unexpected turn of events.
  • A great idea
  • Jumbled collections of things
  • Kids playing alone (don’t know why – just think its’ cool how un-self-conscious kids can be when they are in their own heads).

All for now.


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