Digital Literacy, Stress and Summer

What do these things have in common you ask?  It’s all about “what I did on my summer non-vacation!”.

UBC's Digital Tattoo Project


Project 1:  Digital Tattoo:  This is basically a self-guided tutorial all about digital literacy for students.

Still a work in progress but getting close. My role was learning design and student wrangler on the web design and content development.

Project 2: LEAP: We Help You Learn.  This is an ongoing project – an academic support site for students using “web 2.0” approaches for aggregating, sharing and distributing content. This summer, my role was in supporting my excellent student colleagues Andre Malan and our LEAP student team in a small redesign and in the development of some new quizzes, including one aimed at assessing thinking patterns called “Are You a Stress-a-holic?”

LEAP _ We Help You Learn

LEAP _ We Help You Learn

What did I learn?

  • students have a great capacity for learning complex things quickly and making them work. They need support, guidance and mentorship from us, though.  Sometimes, we get so impressed with their levels of competence, we let them take the reigns before they’re ready…(still thinking about this).
  • design by committee is a nightmare unless done well.  Agreement on process upfront is important.
  • the details are critical and often overlooked (or assumed to be simple)
  • working with diverse project teams (including students and staff) is energizing, frustrating (at times), alot of fun and requires much patience and a good sense of humor.

All for now, off to Italy in a few days!


3 thoughts on “Digital Literacy, Stress and Summer

  1. Cindy, I love the look of the digital tattoo site and can’t want to have a look when it’s done. And the LEAP site is always one I point folks at.

    One question about the LEAP site – do you refer students to “open educational resources” as a means to supplement thier learning? I’m always blown away when I come across students who have tapped into the vast set of free resources to help them with their learning, but it seems like many of them aren’t aware of them yet. Is LEAP maybe one place to tell them about them? Just a thought (but maybe I missed it on the site too, very possible).

    Anyways, great work! Thanks for sharing these.

  2. Hey Scott,

    Sorry for the late response – didn’t check email while in Italy – slipped into a decadent, pleasure indulgent spell for a few weeks.

    The OER thing was on my agenda earlier this spring, then slipped off. Thanks for the reminder. I plan to discuss this with the team in the next week or so – I’m sure they’ll be game to integrate OER into the mix!

    Take care!

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