Distributed Publishing Framework: a couple of ways to look at it…

My excellent colleagues and I have been mapping out a few ways to describe what is essentially a framework for authoring content that gets the most bang for the buck in terms of re-usability. If you want to know how we are leveraging the concept of embed code across blog and Mediawiki environments, Brian Lamb has put together a great screencast – hosted on Blip.tv. If you’re interested in the broad strokes related to conceptualizing what this means to the average content author (instructor or student), you may be interested in these few slides I put together on Slideshare:


4 thoughts on “Distributed Publishing Framework: a couple of ways to look at it…

  1. Hi, just discovered your new blog. Thanks for your words about Never Neutral on the other one. Really interesting work here!

  2. This is so fantastic, I am writing my PhD dissertation about webcomics and electronic publishing, I am thinking of ways in which this could be applied…

  3. Hi Ernesto,

    Thanks for your comments and I’m glad you found your way to this blog. I happened upon yours by accident a couple of years ago and became a big fan of your poetry.

    If you are interested in an example of one application for a webcomic, you might want to check this out from Duke’s Law School http://www.law.duke.edu/cspd/comics/digital.php

    It takes the dry subject of copyright and translates it into something readable and fun.

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