Mind Mapping Madness

Mind Mapping while Brainstorming at ETUG 2008I had alot of fun presenting at the 2008 Educational Technology User’s Group Spring Workshop last week. The theme was Creativity and it was aptly held at Vancouver’s Emily Carr Institute of Arts and Design

The session was hands-on and I used Novamind as a presentation tool and Bubbl.us for some hands on brainstorming activity. The diagram of our collective output is right or in flash format here: Mind Mapping Tips.

Bubbl.us was easy to use in a short presentation format. Here’s why:

  • easy to create accounts (no email confirmations necessary).
  • easy to use: we didn’t provide any step by steps – just a little hands on support here and there as needed.
  • nicely embedded into our Mind Mapping Resources wiki for post session follow up.

For me, the pleasure in presenting comes from the participants – their questions, contributions and new ideas. This session was no exception on that front!


2 thoughts on “Mind Mapping Madness

  1. Cindy, thank YOU for the workshop, it was really good. I liked your opening exercises, working on paper, trading them with other teams. Felt like it got everyone going. And it was good to go back into bubbl.us again – I had used it before, but not extensively, and it is definitely a nicely designed, simple to use tool. Cheers, Scott

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