Parting Thoughts

I am wrapping up my participation the Open Ed course with a few reflections. Here goes:

  • Open educational resources are everywhere. The support provided to learners (either through institution based instruction or organization based guidance) plays a major part in making those resources useful.
  • Learning requires certain ingredients in order to take hold: new ideas, time to integrate, discuss and reflect and some guidance in the process.
  • Learners contribute to the creation of some excellent and relevant open educational resources – but I think this takes intention. I’m thinking about how much I have learned from the fellow bloggers in this course – I’ve added many of your blogs to my set of learning references. The intention ( I think) was to use blogging as a way to document our learning processes and (by accident or intention – not sure) we ended up with some really great learning resources that have contributed much to the OERs relevant to open education.
  • Facilitating learning requires both intention and support and this (at the meta level) requires resources – both human and infrastructure. Access to information is not enough to ensure learning – though, in many places, it is a good beginning.

The diagram below is a mapping out of some of my thinking about all of this. Not that I have it worked out. Not even close. Just trying to make some sense of the landscape and of the potential outcomes for learners. The red side represents the more formal learning, institutional environments while the green side, the more informal.

Learners Using Open Education Resources

click on the image to view full screen.

That’s all for now – thanks for sharing OpenEdders!!


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