Learner Centered Planning

Despite our good intentions to create project plans that have the potential lead us in the direction we want to go, lack of time and the delusional belief that somehow “it will all fall into place”, usually leads us to something that looks like this:
dis organization.jpg
Applying the basic concept of “learner centered” thinking, helps me to keep a focus on what’s important in the work that I do. The Learner’s Chain of Actvity Framework helps me to do this and is reflected in the visual that reflect my current machinations about project planning.

In my experience, pulling off a project successfully means tracking details – a process akin to thread gathering or cat herding – not always easy (or safe). Each step of the way, requires some thought towards various phases of a project: planning, development, delivery and evaluation – not to mention sustainability. Anyway, here is a visual take on the swirling mass of project planning activity View image


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