Emerging from chaos

This past year has brought many changes to our unit – including a plan to de-centralize, a reversal of that decision and a merger with the Office of Learning Technology. In the transition, some of our processes for the development and delivery of distance education were hobbled or neglected. This is our attempt to revisit these processes as a group (somewhat contained chaos):

devtodel process map2.jpg

And (after some re-working among our core group) this map emerged (with priorities for further analysis identified). View image

Next steps: to discuss more broadly with all members of the development/delivery team, check that the priorities for further analysis make sense to others, and contine to refine and document the processes.

Note to self: It’s clear to me that intellectual chaos (or its milder mannered cousin ‘confusion’) is really important in my own learning process. Seems to activate the urge to control – which, in most cases, results in learning AND (most importantly to me) not always the thing I set out to learn. Understanding team members’ individual chaos barometers and talking about it may be important to good teamwork.


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