Blogfolio Revisited

The truth is, I’m finding it way harder to commit to regular posts and uploads than I thought I would! Not to mention the fact that I’m still ambivalent about the narcissistic element of blogging. I am interested in poet/blogger Ernesto Priego’s evolving view of blogging as first shared in January 2004 and again in October 2007. Priego is one of the most deeply revealing yet self-conscious writers I think I have ever read – guess that’s what draws me in and keeps me coming back to his blog for inspiration.

I’m not a “writer” and my blog has a decidedly less personal focus. I’ve decided to face the fact that my entries may be infrequent, my thoughts a bit scattered, my selected work “in progress” and my blog entries appropriately self-conscious. Maybe, by some happy accident, it will develop some coherence over time.


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